The Climate Strategies Poland Foundation is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering pro-climate efforts and decarbonization among businesses, municipalities, and various stakeholders.  

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals proficient in carbon footprint analysis and reduction, climate-focused business strategy, climate communication, greenwashing mitigation, and methods and tools to combat climate disinformation.

Catalyzing climate solutions. We unify expertise for climate action and disinformation prevention

Together, we leverage our collective expertise, experiences, and talents to address the urgent challenge of climate change and engage with key stakeholders, including politicians, journalists, online content creators, local government officials, academics, corporate executives, non-governmental organizations, and civil society representatives. Our Foundation provides comprehensive and expert support to businesses and municipalities, actively working to translate pro-climate declarations into tangible and effective emission reduction and decarbonization initiatives. Furthermore, we are committed to the eradication of climate disinformation and greenwashing.

We are actively involved in the educational initiatives concerning climate change, carbon footprint, and corporate responsibility. We design workshops tailored to various societal groups, including marginalized communities. 

We create innovative tools and platforms to facilitate the journey to achieving net-zero emissions and access to reliable climate information. What is more, we take a leadership role in producing comprehensive educational materials on footprint accounting, reporting, and their business implications, ultimately enhancing the climate competitiveness of companies in Poland. Notably, our Foundation played a pivotal role in establishing the esteemed Journalist for the Planet Award. 

Our team lives by the motto, “Every job is a climate job.” We firmly believe that the challenge of climate change should not only be recognized but also take on an increasingly significant role in the day-to-day operations of businesses, local governments, as well as in the work of journalists, publishers, and influential figures, both in Poland and globally. 

Agnieszka Liszka-Dobrowolska, Ph.D.
Member of the Management Board

An expert with many years of experience in building communication strategies. Originator of many projects in the field of climate protection and air quality. Co-founder of the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation, which deals with calculating the carbon footprint, supporting companies and local governments in reducing emissions.

Co-founder of Pismo Magazine. For several years he has been involved in activities aimed at building awareness of climate change. Member of the Council of the ISP Foundation, WWF Foundation and Pismo Foundation. Mom of the twins.

Łukasz Broniewski
Member of the Management Board

Co-founder of the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation, Łukasz is an experienced adviser who worked with the Polish government and European institutions for many years. In the past, he was the Head of the Political Cabinet of the Prime Minister and a Head of the Private Office of the President of the European Council. Łukasz specializes in strategizing, communication, public policy, and international relations.

He supervises the area of carbon footprint calculation projects and cooperation with local governments and European institutions.. Graduate of the Executive MBA at the Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management.

dr Aleksandra Drewko
Carbon footprint calculation and reduction expert

Aleksandra specializes in climate change, calculating the carbon footprint, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and carbon neutrality. Over a number of years, she has worked with small, medium, and large companies representing a variety of sectors, including finance, energy, tourism, chemical, and pharmaceutical production, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, telecommunications, and education.

Currently, Aleksandra works as an independent consultant for environmental protection and sustainable development. In her work, she focuses on the management of greenhouse gas emissions, starting with calculating the carbon footprint, because she believes that one cannot manage something that is not measurable.

Barbara Broniewska
Dyrektorka ds. Rozwoju

An experienced manager with 17 years of experience in international corporations and the largest e-pharmacy in Poland. She gained experience in the buying departments of retail chains as a category buyer and in the e-pharmacy chain as a category manager, responsible for categories. She also has experience on the supplier side, mainly in sales departments.

She managed teams responsible for the drugstore market in Poland and sales teams responsible for business at the CE level. She has many years of experience in building market and negotiation strategies, as well as categorical strategies, project management and business processes. Negotiator and commercial coach. She is passionate about issues related to HR, climate protection and the cosmetics industry. At the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation, she is responsible for project development, building relationships with business partners, but also for improving processes within the organization. 

Łukasz Dobrowolski
Director, Climate Strategies and Energy Market

Responsible for projects related to the carbon footprint reduction strategy and dealing with issues related to the energy market and the business energy transition.
Advisor, manager, and entrepreneur, he is a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics and MBA program at INSEAD. For over 10 years, he has been an active investor and entre- preneur involved in the renewable energy sector for B2B, B2C and local government.

He managed large business organizations, including as Managing Director in Polkomtel S.A. Additionally, as a consultant and associate partner at McKinsey & Company, he advised the largest Polish and global corporations on strategy and business development.

Martyna Kajzerek

Specializes in counting the carbon footprint of products and portfolio emissions of financial institutions. Member of the advisory team on calculating carbon footprint and building emission reduction strategy of financial sector.

At the Foundation, places great emphasis on knowledge development and building competences. For several years focused on environmental protection and mitigating climate change. Geography student at the University of Gdańsk. 

Maciej Kłosiński

Experienced manager and advisor. He has many years of experience in implementing projects in the field of renewable energy based on technologies of large-scale photovoltaic parks, wind energy and solar collectors.

He has experience in the field of auditing supported by obtaining ACCA qualifications and expert knowledge in the field of financial markets, project financing and corporate supervision gained as a member of supervisory boards, financial director and a member of teams advising in obtaining financing in the Project Finance formula and through issues on the Stock Exchange. At the Foundation, he is responsible for projects related to the decarbonisation of financial institutions.

Marta Lichota-Walaszkowska
Marketing Manager

A marketer with many years of experience, Marta has built her portfolio on projects in the B2C and B2B sectors, including in the renewable energy sector. Recently, she became passionate about issues related to climate protection.

At Climate Strategies Poland, she is responsible for coordinating communication and marketing activities, building her strategies on the latest environmental trends. A lover of pets, long-distance travels and, above all, sports.

Monika Michalczuk

Specialist in carbon footprint data analysis. At Climate Strategies Poland Foundation is responsible for improving and automating processes. Specializes in calculating the carbon footprint of products and portfolio emissions of financial institutions.

Member of the advisory team on calculating carbon footprint and building emission reduction strategy of financial sector. Graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology and the University of Gdansk.  

Sylwia Mindykowska
Project Manager

Project manager focused mainly on environmental protection and preventing climate change. She has extensive experience in the e-commerce and UX designing. She advises companies, NGOs and cities in their pursuit of climate neutrality.

Specializes in counting the carbon footprint of products and buildings. She supports companies in broadening their knowledge and climate communication. Passionate about new ecological technologies. She loves nature, yoga, and has a holistic approach to life.