Agnieszka Liszka-Dobrowolska, Ph.D.
Member of the Management Board

dr Agnieszka Liszka-Dobrowolska

An expert with many years of experience in building communication strategies. Originator of many projects in the field of climate protection and air quality. Co-founder of the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation, which deals with calculating the carbon footprint, supporting companies and local governments in reducing emissions. Co-founder of Pismo Magazine. For several years he has been involved in activities aimed at building awareness of climate change. Member of the Council of the ISP Foundation, WWF Foundation and Pismo Foundation. Mom of the twins.


Co-Founder, Director

June 2020 – now

Supporting Companies and Municipalities in Poland on their path to Climate Neutrality. We calculate their footprint, build reduction strategies, support in communications and educate.

Senior Advisor

October 2018 – now

Supporting Purpose Climate Lab on shaping and conducting the projects in Poland. Building awareness on climate emergency and solution-oriented thinking.

E-commerce Founder

October 2016 – now

Founder of air pollution and contamination related online platform. is a B2C platform with the selection of top quality face masks, air purifiers and air quality monitors. Needed for smog season and anti-viral protection. Certified and reliable.

Co-owner and founder

January 2012 – 2015

Co-founder and owner of Kurhaus Publishing, publishing business and non-fiction books. Among the authors published by Kurhaus were: Michael Sandel, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Daniel Yergin.

External Relations Manager

September 2008 – December 2011

External Relations Manager, responsible for reputation building and reputation risks management, supporting client teams on the communication challenges, working with McKinsey Strategy Practice in the CEE, involved in the climate change initiative.

Undersecretary of State, Spokesperson to the Government

November 2007 – July 2008

Spokesperson for the Government of Poland, Undersecretary of State, Minister of Information, managing the Government Information Centre, media relations, public information.

Communication Manager

2005 – November 2007

External Relations Manager, McKinsey & Company Poland, responsible for reputation building strategy, external communications, reputation risks management, events organization.

Communication Manager

2003 – 2005

Press Officer