Journalists and online content creators who conscientiously educate about climate change and continuously enhance their understanding of environmental issues merit recognition and backing. This is the driving force behind our initiative, the “Journalists for the Planet” campaign. Our aim is to elevate the prominence of climate journalism and environmental literacy within the Polish media landscape.

Journalists for the Planet website

The Journalists for the Planet initiative acknowledges journalists who possess a deep comprehension of the climate change challenge. These professionals boldly tackle subjects related to the ramifications of this global phenomenon in their daily work while actively fostering awareness among diverse audiences, including entrepreneurs. In today’s landscape, journalists and online content creators serve as pivotal figures in disseminating knowledge about climate change, elucidating its root causes, impacts, and potential mitigation strategies. Moreover, they play a crucial role in combating misinformation and falsehoods. Through our campaign, we highlight exemplary journalists in this domain. Their profiles feature succinct descriptions enriched with quotes from their work and links to sample materials focused on climate-related topics. Here, readers can delve deeper into the ethos of climate journalism and explore answers to pressing questions such as, “How can one engage editorial teams and peers in climate-related discussions?” and “What strategies can be employed to craft compelling narratives that stimulate action?” On the campaign’s inception, 16 journalists from diverse editorial backgrounds across Poland enthusiastically embraced the initiative.

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“Journalist for the Planet” award

We’re elevating the status of climate journalism in Poland, advocating for its integration into economic, social, and cultural narratives. Despite this importance, climate issues are often sidelined, and journalists face challenges from denialists and misinformation amidst a shifting political landscape. Recognizing this urgency, we’ve partnered with Radio ZET to establish the inaugural “Journalist for the Planet” award, now a category in the esteemed Andrzej Woyciechowski competition. Our goal is to commend journalists who exhibit a climate-conscious approach, showcasing deep understanding and sensitivity in their reporting. We aim to celebrate their dedication in addressing complex climate issues while combatting greenwashing and false narratives.

After awarding the first prize to Andrzej Woyciechowski in the Journalist for the Planet category, we found out how many great creators and media people there are professionally dealing with the topic of climate. They deserve to be appreciated. We strongly encourage journalists and editorial offices to join our projects, and non-governmental and climate organizations to appreciate and support media people who have a deep understanding of the topic of climate change and the effectiveness of activities in this area.

Agnieszka Liszka-Dobrowolska, PhD
Co-Founder of the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation