Climate Strategies Poland Foundation supports companies in calculating their carbon footprint and helps designing an emission reduction strategy

It is impossible to achieve significant results on the path to preventing climate change without broad business involvement. Business has a direct or indirect impact on over 70% of global greenhouse gas emissions. The basic measurable dimension of the scale of challenges for a company in the context of counteracting climate change is its carbon footprint. But this is only the first step on the path to sustainable business.

We count the carbon footprint and help design an emission reduction strategy

We specialize in calculating and reducing the carbon footprint of companies, products, and services, adhering to the GHG Protocol greenhouse gas calculation standard. Our comprehensive approach includes providing businesses with a dedicated carbon footprint calculator, along with detailed reports compliant with GRI Standards and methodological certificates. Depending on data availability and complexity, we can calculate a company or product’s carbon footprint within 6 to 12 weeks. Our mission is to prioritize carbon footprint reduction and enhance climate competitiveness for Polish companies. Despite current trends, our analyses reveal a reluctance among Polish companies to address carbon footprint calculation, reduction strategies, and climate reporting, posing tangible business risks such as customer loss and financial challenges. We advocate for well-prepared strategies, involving all stakeholders, to achieve climate neutrality, offering tailored planning and implementation support to maximize benefits.

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We specialize in crafting comprehensive external communication strategies and educating employees within organizations.

Our focus lies in responsible climate communication, contextualizing company activities and addressing key emission areas. Through workshops on combatting greenwashing, we ensure transparent messaging in climate declarations. Additionally, we recognize the significance of employee development beyond skill optimization, preparing teams for new responsibilities in emission reduction measures. A well-trained team, aware of sustainability imperatives, is crucial for success. Our extensive training equips teams to navigate business challenges amidst climate change effectively.