The Climate Strategies Poland Foundation is a team of experienced experts and practitioners from various industries and business sectors, the best consulting companies in the world and state administration. We all share a deep understanding of climate problems and a common vision in approaching solving them. 

Over the last few years, many companies, institutions and organizations have trusted us.  

Our Funders

Close & trusted cooperation 

Cities and associations of cities  

Our collaborative efforts extend to the Union of Polish Metropolises, representing the 12 largest cities in Poland, as well as the Association of Polish Cities, encompassing over 350 small and medium-sized cities. Additionally, we engage in tailored 1:1 projects with specific cities, including but not limited to Wrocław and Gdańsk. 

Key industry organizations and associations 

We have cultivated strong collaborations with prominent industry associations in Poland, including the Advertising Council, the Polish Leasing Association, the Polish Federation of Food Producers, and the SAR Marketing Communication Association. 


We collaborate on projects with major financial institutions in Poland, including mBank, ING, Credit Agricole, Millenium, and BNP Paribas, alongside technological leaders such as Orange. Additionally, we engage with industry leaders in the food sector, exemplified by Maspex, and pharmaceuticals, represented by Celon Pharma. 

Leading NGOs and expert organizations   

Our extensive network encompasses fact-checking organizations, analytical and research centers, urban movements, and activist groups, along with thematic NGOs. These collaborations span both national entities within Poland and global initiatives.