At a time when the urgency of climate action resonates stronger than ever, as the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation, we are taking decisive steps to care for the planet and future generations. Our mission is more than words; it’s work we do with a deep sense of purpose. 

At the Climate Strategies Poland Foundation, we see an urgent need to translate the climate discussion into specific actions. We work in the areas of counting and reducing emissions, building decarbonization strategies, counteracting disinformation and greenwashing, as well as conducting responsible climate communication. 

Our Foundation was born out of the need to act effectively to collectively and urgently reduce climate change. In these activities, we involve entities responsible for the largest emissions – the world of business and local governments, accompanying them on this path from the moment of counting and building emission reduction strategies, through monitoring effects and climate communication. We are a partner who is completely committed to the cause, but demanding. Our partners value us for our honesty, effectiveness, knowledge, as well as strategic thinking and behavior that allow us to achieve and maintain ambitious goals. 

Professed values  

We are guided by a set of characteristics and values that define the way we cooperate with clients, employees and our partners: 

  1. Responsibility: We are aware that our actions have an impact, which is why we take full responsibility for them, planning and implementing projects with care for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. 
  1. Reliability: The basis of our analytical activities are data and scientific knowledge from recognized experts and research units. We rely only on proven data and methodology, thanks to which our work is credible and effective. 
  1. Curiosity and courage: These are what guide us in solving complex climate problems. 
  1. Inspiration and innovation: We draw inspiration from both our team, following the latest scientific achievements, and from the best practices in the world. 
  1. Systematicity: We believe that the real introduction of pro-climate social, political and business changes is only possible through systematic and consistent actions. For this reason, our consulting and educational activities are based on individually created strategies that are implemented with attention to every detail and regularity. 

General principles of operation 

The following principles constitute the basis of our Foundation’s activities and ensure compliance with the highest standards in all our endeavors: 

  1. We are a data-driven organization. We carefully ensure that the data we refer to is reliable, clearly presented and rigorously verified. We realize that when we create reports or analyses, we also create data. We maintain the integrity and adhere to the highest standards to ensure the quality and accuracy of all information we generate. 
  1. It is crucial for us to consciously and responsibly choose the projects we engage in or initiate. We maintain an unwavering commitment not to cooperate with the fossil fuel sector and conduct an internal anti-greenwashing audit. One of our overarching priorities is not only to avoid the perpetuation of climate disinformation, but also to prevent its spread. 
  1. When conducting activities aimed at climate education and communication, we are guided by high standards and responsibility for our words. Our priority is to translate knowledge and methodologies into understandable language and engaging, specific actions, which facilitates the implementation of solutions. We are not afraid of difficult communication. 
  1. In cooperation with partners and in internal activities, we rely on the five principles of the GHG Protocol, which guarantees that our carbon footprint calculations are accurate, transparent, comparable, complete and based on the described methodology. 
  1. We embed climate actions in specific contexts, including business and local government, which allows us to address real problems and provide solutions tailored to the realities. 
  1. We joined the initiative of the Charter of Children’s Rights in Business and companies and organizations that, in order to respect children’s rights to privacy and conscious image management, refrain from using their image. Therefore, we will not publish images of children in a way that would enable their identification in any materials created by our Foundation. 

Cooperation with partners 

Our approach to cooperation with partners is based on the following principles: 

  1. We treat our partners with the utmost respect and genuine concern for their success. We share knowledge and tools, building their competences and enabling further, independent, effective actions in the climate area. 
  1. We are a non-for-profit organization, which means that we devote a lot of time and work of our experts to educational activities, as well as to creating free and publicly available solutions aimed at reducing emissions of companies and cities. 
  1. We care about long-term relationships. We support our partners, regardless of whether they are representatives of the business world, cities, non-governmental organizations and urban movements, not only during the project, but also after its completion. We focus on credibility and trust as the lasting foundations of our partnerships. 
  1. We take on the challenges of even the most ambitious projects. Regardless of whether we work with demanding industries, cities facing unique emission challenges, or less conventional target groups, we provide real, expert support at every stage of emission counting and reduction. 
  1. We believe that even small, well-executed projects can bring significant results. We welcome partners who come back with questions and new ideas. We are continually open to scaling our activities, recognizing that impactful initiatives can grow from humble beginnings. 

As an organization, we are unquestionably guided by the general principles of good cooperation, such as pay and gender equality, the principle of non-discrimination and care for the development and mental and physical health of employees. Additionally, we make every effort to ensure that everything we do complies with the law and the highest standards, including, among others, data protection standards and the principle of confidentiality.