Łukasz Dobrowolski
Director, Climate Strategies and Energy Market

Łukasz Dobrowolski

Responsible for projects related to the carbon footprint reduction strategy and dealing with issues related to the energy market and the business energy transition.
Advisor, manager, and entrepreneur, he is a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics and MBA program at INSEAD. For over 10 years, he has been an active investor and entre- preneur involved in the renewable energy sector for B2B, B2C and local government. He managed large business organizations, including as Managing Director in Polkomtel S.A. Additionally, as a consultant and associate partner at McKinsey & Company, he advised the largest Polish and global corporations on strategy and business development.


Director of Climate Strategies and Energy

August 2021 – now

Working with companies, municipalities and organizations to develop and implement climate-change related strategies, including measurement and reduction of carbon footprint and achieving net-zero mileston.

Founding Partner

January 2018 – now

Developing, financing, implementing and managing energy transition projects. Energy efficiency, renewable energy and heating decarbonization for medium and large companies. ESCO, as-a-service and other financed models.

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

June 2018 – August 2021

Investing in Energy Transition. First Light-As-A-Service and Solar-As-A-Service provider for mid and large industrial / corporate clients in Poland. Project development, design, delivery, maintenance. Asset financing.

Independent Senior Advisor

April 2012 – December 2017

Helping executives of blue chip corporates and owners of start-ups/growth companies on topics of commercial strategy, growth, digital transformation and commercial turnaround.

Private Investor

March 2010 – December 2017

Private, early stage investments in renewable energy sector in Poland: startups pioneering B2C microinstalations (heat and electricity), small and mid-size energy projects for local governments and municipalities, energy retailing, turnkey microinstalations delivery.

Managing Director of Sales

November 2010 – March 2012

Leading go-to-market organization across all sales channels (B2B and B2C), defining and executing commercial strategy, managing go-to-market cost, comission systems, all customer acqusisition and retention processes. Physical, remote and digital channels.

Associate Partner

November 1999 – March 2010

Focus on mobile telecom industy, sales and marketing function as well as private equity deals. Projects in 15 markets across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia.