Consider becoming our valued grantor or leverage our extensive expert and strategic experience for mutually beneficial collaboration. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change. Contact us!

The Climate Strategies Poland Foundation is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing decarbonization efforts in businesses, municipalities, and diverse stakeholders. Specializing in climate communication and education, we focus on calculating carbon footprint as well as countering greenwashing and climate disinformation. Our team of skilled professionals excels in carbon footprint analysis, reduction strategies, and expertise in climate communication and greenwashing mitigation. Collaboratively, we address the urgent challenge of climate change, engaging key stakeholders like politicians, journalists, local government officials, and NGOs. 

A significant portion of our impactful work is made possible through dedicated grants. While we have a proven track record of collaboration with Polish donors, we also have successful partnerships with major foreign funders, including the European Climate Foundation, KR Foundation, and Purpose Climate Lab.  

We excel in identifying climate needs and opportunities, crafting innovative and responsive strategies, and implementing activations that bring about meaningful change in awareness, behaviour, and infrastructure within specific target groups. Our focus on measuring impact, analyzing conclusions, and sharing lessons learned ensures accountability and continuous improvement. Additionally, our experience in conducting rapid response campaigns enables us to address unforeseen challenges in the dynamic political and social landscape related to climate change. 


Furthermore, we offer our expertise as advisors to foreign social impact organizations seeking a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and landscape in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We are well-equipped to discuss and devise strategic activities that align with their goals.