Our mission is clear — to lead pro-climate changes and decarbonization efforts among businesses, municipalities, and stakeholders. Our team brings expertise in areas like carbon footprint analysis, pioneering climate-focused business strategies, strategic climate communication for social change, greenwashing prevention, and combating climate disinformation. Join us in our commitment to making a lasting difference.

the infographic shows carbon monoxide CO2, which can be reduced thanks to the activities of Climate Strategies Poland

We support businesses, cities and other stakeholders on their path to effective net-zero.

With comprehensive knowledge of decarbonization, our experts help in calculating carbon footprints, building emission reduction strategies and strengthening the climate competitiveness of various entities.

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We share our knowledge and skills, believing that education is necessary for pro-climate changes.

Climate change and ways to stop it can be overwhelming, which is why we try to present and explain these issues and recommendations in an accessible way during conferences, webinars and through numerous publications.


We strengthen reliable climate communication by tackling greenwashing and disinformation.

Multiple false narratives stand in the way of pro-climate solutions, which is why we make efforts to facilitate access to reliable knowledge, dispel climate myths and increase access to appropriate tools to deal with this threat.

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Building climate literacy for leaders

We enhance climate awareness among decision-makers and public administration employees through a comprehensive e-learning course. Collaborating with leading NGOs, we provide video lessons and educational materials covering key climate topics. Participants gain insights into climate change impacts, sustainable practices, and legal regulations. Upon completion, they receive certification, ensuring they are well-equipped to address climate challenges in their respective roles.

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Climate competitiveness

We’ve pioneered the concept of climate competitiveness, sparking a meaningful dialogue within the Polish context. Through collaboration with various industries, including finance, advertising, and leasing, we actively work to enhance their climate competitiveness. Additionally, we curate a repository of reliable and up-to-date knowledge to assist companies in cultivating their climate competitiveness.

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Tackling climate disinformation

We empower individuals with the skills to effectively communicate about carbon footprint and achieving net-zero goals while avoiding greenwashing pitfalls. Our efforts extend to elevating the stature of climate journalism in Poland, ensuring access to reliable and credible sources of climate information. Through fostering cross-editorial collaboration and enhancing the skills of journalists, we actively work to prevent the spread of climate disinformation.

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Decarbonization of companies

We’re experts in carbon footprint reduction, adhering to GHG Protocol standards. Our services include providing carbon footprint calculators and detailed reports, aiming to enhance climate competitiveness for Polish companies. Our tailored strategies prioritize climate neutrality, mitigating risks and maximizing benefits through stakeholder involvement.

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Download our comprehensive report “Better late than later. Carbon footprint reduction and corporate climate competitiveness in Poland”

We crafted this report as an extensive guide on climate competitiveness, tailored for proprietors, supervisory and management board members, and executives of medium and large enterprises. Additionally, the study aims to provide in-depth information to audiences unfamiliar with carbon footprint issues, climate strategies or the current complexities of the energy transition.

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Climate Strategies Poland

About us

The Climate Strategies Poland Foundation educates on reducing carbon and environmental footprint. We support companies, local governments, and organizations in developing emission reduction strategies and building environmental awareness.

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