Disinformation is one of the key challenges that prevents the implementation of solutions to stop or slow down climate change. We believe that easy access to reliable sources of knowledge, as well as the translation of complex scientific content, is one of the ways to fight climate disinformation and misinformation. For this purpose, we are co-creating the Climate Knowledge Database.

Easy access to reliable, expert publications

The Climate Knowledge Database is a virtual, publicly available space that collects and catalogs valuable and up-to-date reports and podcasts on climate change, enabling quick verification of the truthfulness and scientific basis of information on global warming. The database contains the latest reports and analyzes on global warming and related topics, including energy, economy and business, urban development and transport, and clean air. Each report includes a simplified summary that allows users to better understand the content of the publication.

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The accuracy of the content published in the Database is supervised by the editor, who is also an employee of the National Academy of Sciences, and the Council of Experts, which includes representatives of 20 leading non-governmental organizations, academic centers and research units in Poland that deal with the topic of climate.
We are one of the initiators of the Climate Knowledge Base. We actively participated in the process of building the tool, we are a member of the Council of Experts ensuring the reliability of the publication, and since 2023 we have been the guardian of the database, ensuring its continuous development.