In response to the new challenges that climate change and its systemic prevention bring to business, we created a comprehensive, innovative and free carbon footprint calculator for companies. This easy-to-use tool enables companies to take the first step towards transformation and reducing emissions by easily and intuitively calculating the company’s carbon footprint and then reflecting on the possibilities of reducing it. Over 500 companies have already used it.

Why should companies calculate their carbon footprint?

Recognizing the pivotal role businesses play in global greenhouse gas emissions, it is imperative for companies to engage actively in climate action. Over 70% of emissions have a direct or indirect business connection, emphasizing the significance of understanding a company’s carbon footprint as a fundamental metric for climate change mitigation. Prioritizing carbon footprint reduction and fostering climate competitiveness is essential for companies. Unfortunately, many businesses delay addressing carbon footprint calculation, reduction strategies, and climate reporting, exposing themselves to risks such as customer loss, reduced revenues, profit decline, and challenging financing, not to mention a lack of social responsibility.

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Key Features of the Calculator: 

  • Streamlines data collection and inventory: The tool aids in cataloging energy, raw material, and resource consumption, enabling companies to calculate their carbon footprint. This process enhances awareness of risks and opportunities, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning. 
  • Automatic calculation of Scope 1 and 2, with Scope 3 coming soon: By providing functional unit results (e.g., emissions per employee or unit of turnover), the calculator identifies carbon footprint levers, aiding in the implementation of rational actions for emission reduction. 
  • Recommends emission reduction strategies: The calculator guides companies towards climate neutrality by suggesting measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. After implementing these measures, companies can explore options for offsetting emissions. 
  • Generates a comprehensive emission report: Users receive an automatically generated email report, including calculation standard details, the company’s carbon footprint, and illustrative examples to comprehend the obtained results. 

Reliable Calculations

The calculator employs the GHG Protocol methodology, utilizing emission factors from globally recognized databases, continually updated. Drawing from a database of over 500 emission indicators specific to Poland, the tool aligns with CDP, SBTi, and PCAF standards. The tool is versatile and can be customized for companies operating in various countries.