Climate Strategies Poland Foundation helps build climate literacy among decision-makers, opinion leaders and administration employees

We have launched the Poland for Climate program, an educational initiative designed to enhance climate awareness among decision-makers, opinion leaders, and public administration employees at all levels. Supported by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy, this free e-learning course offers valuable resources and certification opportunities.

The program features 13 video lessons across six key topics, created by top experts from leading NGOs focused on climate change. These lessons, supplemented with presentations, articles, and recommendations, cover over five hours of content, explaining climate change and its impacts on various life and economic sectors. The course also highlights actionable measures to mitigate and prevent climate crises.

The six thematic areas include:

  1. Scientific and social foundations of climate knowledge
  2. Business impacts and carbon footprint calculations
  3. Sustainable transport and low emission zones
  4. Climate-related legal regulations and strategies
  5. Just transition in the energy sector
  6. Climate change effects on biodiversity, agriculture, and water availability in Poland

Already several hundred individuals from political parties, ministries, local governments, state institutions, and State Treasury companies have enrolled. This participation underscores the project’s significant reach and potential impact on Poland’s approach to climate change.