Taking pro-climate actions is a reward in itself, after all, we all do it for the common good. However, we understand that recognition can be an extra motivator. We derive satisfaction from the recognition of our endeavors, yet we are equally committed to actively participating in the acknowledgment and rewarding of ambitious individuals and their noteworthy pro-climate achievements.

Future 40: Climate Change Champions

We take pride in being the sole organization from Poland acknowledged in the esteemed Future 40: Climate Change Champions list. This project, coordinated by the renowned private equity market magazine Real Deals in collaboration with PER, recognizes companies and organizations for their significant contributions to sustainable development and climate protection. The list highlights outstanding leaders, managing directors, and consulting firms committed to driving positive changes across various industries, fostering a more sustainable future and promoting responsible investment. The Climate Strategies Poland Foundation received recognition for its innovative approach, the introduction of a free carbon footprint calculator for small and medium-sized companies, collaborative problem-solving with organizations and associations, informative and educational campaigns in Poland and amplifying the voices of socially overlooked groups. This acknowledgment, received only three years into our journey, underscores our dedication to positive change and the success of numerous projects, a robust network of organizations and experts.

“Journalist for the Planet” Award

Recognizing the urgent need to honor those tackling the challange of climate disinformation, we, in collaboration with Radio ZET, established the first “Journalist for the Planet” award in Poland. This award is now a category in the prestigious Andrzej Woyciechowski competition. Its aim is to distinguish journalists who demonstrate a climate-responsible approach in their daily work, displaying a profound understanding of the subject and sensitivity. We seek to honor their tireless efforts in addressing important and challenging climate topics while actively countering greenwashing and false climate narratives.

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