Business is directly and indirectly responsible for more than 70% of global emissions and has a decisive role to play in reducing them. Therefore, it is not surprising that the pressure on emission reduction is increasing all over. The emission level is becoming one of the key parameters defining the market position of the company and its products in the new, low-carbon economy. Poland will not be an exception in this respect. As a Foundation, we make every effort to support companies on this journey with our knowledge and experience as well as the tools we have prepared.


Hear our experts and find out the most up-to-date information on carbon footprint counting, reporting and emission reduction.


Introduction to CDP and reporting of CO2 emissions

Financial institutions play an important role in achieving the goals of the European net zero policy. The challenge faced by the financial industry is primarily to change the development strategy to one that will respond to the needs of striving for neutrality. The priority is to recognize climate neutrality as a new area of ​​responsibility for the financial sector. During the webinar, we talked about the benefits of CDP disclosure and the business case for greater transparency and the financial sector’s climate and nature actions. We focused on the characteristics of the CDP questionnaire for the financial services sector, including the Portfolio impact and environmental information modules. Practical guidance on how to answer the CDP questionnaire is also provided.

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Knowledge base on climate competitiveness

A compendium with a list of links to press materials and reports that discuss sustainable development, the impact of climate change on businesses and ecosystems, as well as data and studies on the decarbonization of European economies.